About Us

Regent Street Clinic Dubai is the UAE branch of Regent Street Clinic UK.


We have a 20 year history across the UK of offering high quality, patient-centred care with the emphasis on patient satisfaction, breaking convention doctor-patient boundaries and optimising outcomes.


Our clinics are popular, non-judgmental, open and friendly with doctors and staff that exemplify this philosophy.


Regent Street Clinic Dubai offers a comprehensive suite of Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine interventions, including nutrigenomic assessments with a bespoke, precision medicine approach, centred around optimising outcomes through lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management and life coaching.


Our doctors are members of the British College of Aesthetics Medicine (BCAM) and are experienced, senior trainers in facial and body aesthetics treatments.


Regent Street Clinic Dubai is also currently involved in an exciting MedTech project based in Dubai called HyperHealth, which is a healthcare application based on blockchain technology, which will make our high quality healthcare available to anyone across the world by embracing innovation such as  Telemedicine, AI (artificial intelligence) and Robotics via any smartphone or similar enabled device.


Watch this space!

  • Dr Bobby Ahmed – Aesthetics Doctor, GP, Functional Medicine Physician
  • Dr Poonam Sharma – Aesthetics Doctor and GP.
  • Nurse Cathrine Quinit
  • Reymond Nora – Operations Manager
  • Saleem Azam – Clinic Manager
  • Hannah Birkin – Patient Happiness Manager
  • Megan Robinson – Social Media Manager
  • Paula Gabuco – Receptionist
  • Stella Ote – Domestic/Hygiene