Lip Enhancement

Injectable lip enhancement involves the precise placement of soft tissue fillers into parts of the lip. There are two parts of each lip that can be injected – the actual lip BODY and the outer rim, known as the VERMILLION BORDER.


Lip Fillers enhance the natural beauty of younger lips as well as restore the plump, sensuous look that is lost with age in both men and women. Our products achieve excellent results and contain a local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort during the procedure.


Creating the perfect lips often involves much more than just increasing their size. Care and attention must also be given to the surrounding skin, such as filling the fine lines that appear above and below the lip, lifting the corners of the mouth that can sag with age, or correcting the “nose to mouth” lines that commonly appear to frame the mouth at either end. Our doctors will work out, with you, depending on the look you wish to achieve, which parts of the lip would benefit most from treatment and how much lip filler is likely to be needed to achieve the desired result.


The final results are evident at roughly 1 week after all swelling has subsided.

Treatment time

15-20 Minutes

Back to work



Local anaesthetic cream + pre-mixed anaesthetic in filler


Needle or cannula

Duration of Results

6-12 months