Fat Lipolysis Injection

How does injection lipolysis work?


Our preparations are a combination deoxycholate and PPC (phosphatidylcholine) – solutions that breaks down body fat which is then digested and excreted naturally through the urine.


This procedure has an 86% satisfaction rate when studies over 1100 patients over a 6-year period and is a fantastic alternative to surgical liposuction.


This treatment is very popular, effective and painless.


There is essentially no downtime, you can continue your business as usual.

What is injection lipolysis?


Injection lipolysis is body aesthetics treatment performed in the doctor’s office, whereby a fat-dissolving preparation is injected into areas of stubborn fat to break them down permanently.


The commonest areas targeted are:


Under the chin (‘double chin’)





Arms (“bingo wings”)


Face (nasolabial fat pads).


Most people need 2-3 sessions, the exact number depends on a number of factors including starting fat volume, lifestyle and response to treatment.


We advise to stay hydrated after the treatment and to avoid any exercise or alcohol for 6 hours afterwards.


We offer a free consultation at Regent Street Clinic Dubai to assess each person’s suitability for treatment.

Treatment time

15-20 Minutes

Back to work



Local anaesthetic

Duration of Results