Fat Dissolving Injections

LIPODISSOLVE is a combination deoxycholate and PPC (phosphatidylcholine) solution that breaks down body fat which is then digested and excreted.


This procedure has an 86% satisfaction rate when studies over 1100 patients over a 6-year period and is a fantastic alternative to surgical liposuction.


The treatment can sometimes sting for 20-30 minutes afterwards however the overall pain score is no more than 2/10. There is no downtime, you can continue your business as usual.

Lipolysis is a perfect treatment to target areas like; under the chin (‘double chin’), abdomen, thighs, arms (“bingo wings”) and the face (nasolabial fat pads). Most people need 2-3 sessions, the exact number depends on a number of factors including starting fat volume, lifestyle and response to treatment.


We advise to stay hydrated after the treatment and to avoid any exercise or alcohol for 6 hours afterwards.

Treatment time

15-20 Minutes

Back to work



Local anaesthetic

Duration of Results