Our doctors are trained in conventional Western Medicine (from the UK) but also in lifestyle, precision and functional medicine. This looks deeply into diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, inflammation, genetics and chronic disease risk to optimise health with a holistic and patient-centred approach.


Nutrigenetics represents a field which focuses on consequences of those genetic mutations that can be regulated with a diet. It is based on vast scientific studies which connect specific genetic mutations of individuals with different eating habits.

The objective of nutrigenetics is to recognise specific characteristics of an individual based on which the diet can be optimised. Nutrigenetics, of course, is not part of the alternative medicine, and it is not a form of treatment. It is not an approach which would include modifying of the DNA, and it does not determine an optimal diet based on blood type or any other phenotypical characteristics of a person.


Although 99 percent of our genetic makeup is completely identical, there are approximately ten million genetic variations among individuals. In accordance to this, the nutritional needs of every individual are very specific. Unique needs of every individual are subject of a new branch of nutrigenetics – personalised nutrition. A personalised nutritional approach is essential and absolutely necessary for an optimal diet, and is necessary for ensuring your health.


We offer a range of different Nutrigenomic screens depending on how much information you are wanting. Once the results of the screen are back our doctor’s will go over these in detail and devise a health plan that is personal to optimise your health and wellbeing.