Tear Trough Treatment

Under eye treatment for dark circles, volume loss or wrinkles has always been a tricky undertaking due to the anatomy of the region (mainly relating to the blood supply and lymphatic drainage in the areas under each eye).


At Regent Street Clinic Dubai we use a product called Juvederm VOLITE which is NOT a dermal filler. This is very important because dermal fillers are cross-linked gels that can sometimes ”sludge” in the under eye areas due to the anatomical issues mentioned above.


Juvederm VOLITE is a non cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel that stimulates the under eye areas to increase collagen and elastin production which leads to tighter and rejuvenated skin without the risk of the product looking unusual. This is because juvederm VOLITE is totally broken down over the course of 4-8 weeks into carbon dioxide and water, leaving a fresher appearance due to it’s anti-ageing properties.


This procedure involves injecting the product into the area under the eye known as the tear trough by using a cannula. The under eye areas are often also described as the under-eye ”bags”, or sunken areas under the eyes.


The treatment is safe and effective, we use a microcannula technique for tear trough filler to minimise the risks of vessel damage around the eye. This is a blunt tipped instrument which not only reduces pain, but also glides through the tissue layers of the skin to avoid puncturing any vessels in the area. Our soft tissue gels contain local anaesthetic, allowing for a quicker and more comfortable treatment for the patient as well as less swelling.


Juvederm VOLITE for under eyes lasts around 12 months.



Treatment time

20-30 Minutes

Back to work



Pre mixed anaesthetic in the filler



Duration of Results

Results under the eyes last for up to 12 months.